| Story 1
Naoko Ito is a Japanese visual artist who is based in New York.
Naoko Ito, naoko, Ito, USA, US, Japanese, Japan, New York, New York-based, visual artist, artist, glass jar, glass, wire, book, wood, tree branch, ubiquitous, flora, cold frame, rootless, w as in wind, urban nature project, nature, silence
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Story 1


I dream another me exists in the burning house, reading aloud from what I have written.  Broken glass.  A sad film.  The awkward silence.


I had always thought night would feel like:  an electric current, the most startling numbness in every fingertip.  Throughout the landscape, a small fire would still be blazing.


But somehow in the dream I’ve grown wings.  Tell me, does this change everything—?


 I want to use them so badly, but I don’t know how—




Story 1
In collaboration with poet Kristina Marie Darling
Cloth, wire, thread
26 x 26 in.
66 x 66 cm